Sunday, 13 March 2016

Commission Information

If you're interested in commissioning from me a drawing, currently the only feasible way to do that is through Patreon pledges at  $15 pledge per drawing. Patreon here (scroll down for the $15 reward).

It's fully colored, pencil line art unless you requested it inked. I do draw NSFW but I highly discourage this because it will impact the quality of the illustration greatly since I can't post it anywhere or claim myself as the artist.

There is absolutely no refunds once the pledge has been processed, and speaking of which, I will only start working on your commission once Patreon has processed the $15 pledge. While you wait for Patreon to process it though, we can discuss the commission to get as much detail needed to complete it.

Q: If i pledge you $500 does that mean i can get 33 commissions from you?
A: No. You'll get a very important lesson in financial management and knowledge is priceless.

Q: What if I want to order multiple commissions?
A: Get multiple accounts or wait (the amount of commissions you want) months.

Q: What if I want to commission you a comic page?
A: If I'm up to it, it's $15. If I'm not up to it, It's $45 per page, meaning 3 months of $15 pledge.

Thanks for reading!

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